Gumroad Embed

You’ll find Gumroad integration snippets in _includes. There are two ways to post a Gumroad product on your site: embed or overlay. In this post, we will look at how to use the embed method.

Gumroad embed

You can easily embed a product from Gumroad within your site or page.

Suppose we have a Gumroad product:

To embed this product, we need to add a short include with the product id to our page or post. In this example, the ID is supply, so we add this include with that:

{% include gumroad-embed.html id="supply" %}
{% include gumroad-embed.html id="supply" %}

That will output the product directly on your page:

If you have an SSL Certificate set up, the buying process is completely inline. If your site is not secured with HTTPS, you can redirect customers to the payment form in a new, secured tab. —GUMROAD Documentation

gumroad-embed.html in _includes